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Building Extension

Devio Construction Ltd company has the potential to enable the implementation of projects in a short period of time. Tasks entrusted to our company are made fairly, timely, efficient organization, based on extensive experience and technical knowledge of construction.

Our clients provide warranty and service for our products, as well as free valuation and measurement.

We provide expert advice and consultation. Materials we use have the required approvals.

We offer you a full range of services: implementation of medium and small construction projects, single storey house extension, double storey house extension, kitchen extensions,bedroom, extension, conversion houses to flats,loft conversions.

House extension create more living area for your family. You can use new space to have: bigger living room, new kitchen, play room for kids, bedroom or bathroom.
You have a lot of possibilities to transform your home in something new. House extension is the best way to get a new home.